How Do I delete Photo on Facebook

Looking for a guide on How to delete Photo on Facebook? This post is all about how to get rid of photos on Facebook fast. 

So if you by error posted a photo on Facebook, here is how to get it deleted from Facebook. You just have to be careful when next you post something on FB because you can't tell who have viewed or save the image.

So how do you remove photo you don't want to be seen on Facebook?

How to delete Facebook Photo 
1. To delete a photo on Facebook, simply login to your FB account and click on the image you wish to delete.

2. Next, below the image you will see option.

3. Click on option.

4. Next, click on delete this photo.
How Do I delete Photo on Facebook
That's all.

Note: You can't delete photos that you are tagged. If it's your own picture, make certain that you untag everyone on the image before deleting.
How to remove tag on Photo? 
1. To remove tag, click on option
2. Next, click on remove tag
How Do I delete Photo on Facebook
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