How Do I Save Pins From Web On Pinterest

As we promised, here is a concise guide on How Do I Save Pins From Web On Pinterest. So for those of us that want to figure out how they could save pins from the web on Pinterest, this post will be helpful.

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Are you aware that setting up your boards properly on Pinterest can actually help you get more Pinterest followers?
How Do I Save Pins From Web On Pinterest
While marketing a business on social media, it is important to create boards that encourage customers to follow your brand and want to find out more.

You have to try to focus on things that are specific to what makes your brand unique, rather than creating random, vague or generic boards.

How to Create a Board on Pinterest 
1. Click on the Add+ link located in the top right corner of the Pinterest site. The Add box pops-up with three options: Add a Pin, Upload a Pin, and Create a Board.

2. Click on the 'Create a Board' button and then 'Create a Board' box appears.

3. Fill the 'Board Name' text box and chose a name that will describe what your board is about.

4. Choose an option from the Board Category drop-down list. The category options are really broad, ranging from Architecture to Photography and Art to Wedding & Events. Choose the one that represents your board and your brand the most. You can also choose Other if you do not see a suitable category on the menu. Do your best to choose a descriptive category, however. Try to be as specific as possible to catch the attention of people who are searching on Pinterest.

5. Determine who can pin to the board. If you want to be the only pinner then leave it as it is.But if you want to invite other people you follow on Pinterest to add pins to this board, click in the Add Another Pinner text box and type in the person you want to invite to the board. Click on the Add button. Repeat to add more people.

6. Click the Create Board button. You'll arrive at your newly created an empty board.
Create a board when you save a Pin 
1. Click on Save in the top right corner of a Pin
2. Select Create board
3. Select a name for your board and slide the switch if you want to keep your board a secret
4. Then click on Create
How to Create/Save Pins on Pinterest 
Save a Pin using the browser button Install the Pinterest browser button. Steps to do this can be found below
1. From the page you want to Pin, click on your browser’s toolbar
2. Select an image for your Pin
3. Click on Save next to the board you would like to save to
Save a Pin without the browser button 
1. Click on and select Save from a website
2. Enter the website's URL
3. Select an image and click Save
4. Edit a the description beneath the image
5. Pick a board to save the Pin to and click on Save

Create a pin from your photos 
Upload an image from your computer or phone to create a Pin.
1. Click on the + button and select Upload a Pin
2. Click or drag and drop to upload your image
3. Put in a description and the URL you want to link the Pin to
4. Click on Done
5. Click on Save next to the board you want to save to

Add the Pinterest browser button to your favorite browser to save ideas directly from anywhere on the web. 
Pinterest has made it possible for users to add pins from anywhere on the web using their 'Browser buttons'.

Below are the instructions for installing their browser button.
1. Install Button with Chrome or Firefox
2. Go to the Pinterest browser button install page
3. There, they will suggest the right version for your browser
4. Click on the 'Get our browser' button
5. Follow the instructions to complete the installation

Install Button with Microsoft Edge 
1. Go to the Microsoft Store page
2. Click on Get the app

The Microsoft Store app should open and then start downloading the Pinterest browser button After installing, click on the red 'P' at the top of your browser whenever you find something on the web that you want to save.

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